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Especially during these times of higher infection rates your members deserve and expect a clean and healthy space to exercise in. Ensuring that current and potential members are impressed with your facility is a top priority for Scrub Science. Scrub Science provides complete gym and fitness center cleaning every time from the floor mats, glass entrances, or front desk, to the locker rooms, workout equipment, and showers. We encourage you to tailor a cleaning schedule that best fits the needs of your facility and valued members.

Professional Fitness Center Cleaning by Scrub Science

From gyms, yoga studios, large fitness centers, franchises, ballet studios, Martial Arts Studios, and anything in between, Scrub Science has a proven track record of understanding the most effective protocol for disinfection and special cleaning services for gyms and fitness centers alike. From sweat to dirt most surfaces in a gym are contamination hazards and can breed bacteria when not cleaned and disinfected properly. We not only thoroughly clean all high-touch surfaces in the gym, but we also sanitize and disinfect with nontoxic EPA-approved chemicals to increase the safety and exposure of your clients within your facility.

Our Fitness Center Cleaning Checklist to Keep Memberships Strong:

  • Welcoming entrances
  • Clean office spaces
  • Fresh gym mats
  • Inviting workout areas or special service areas
  • Clean, safe exercise equipment
  • Dirt free floors
  • Sanitary locker rooms
  • Sparkling showers
  • Disinfected, sanitary bathrooms
  • Germ-free touchpoints
Why Choose Us For Fitness Center Cleaning:

  • We are a company that cares about you, and our reputation
  • Locally-Owned & Operated
  • Licensed, Bonded & Insured
  • 24/7 Cleaning Service & Support
  • OSHA, HIPAA, EPA Compliant
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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